Actuators, Gearboxes, and Mechanical Solutions

G&G offers actuators and guides, gearboxes, and full mechanical solutions configurable for your specific needs.

Actuators & Guides

Linear actuators mostly use the rotation of a belt or a screw to produce travel, but many types are available.

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Between these two, belts offer greater movement length, while screws offer greater thrust force. Both types can be configured as stages on a rail, while screw actuators can be enclosed as extending thrust-rods. Some products like Exlar’s uniquely designed roller screws allow for extremely high thrust forces. In terms of actuators with their own motors and intelligence, LinMot provides true linear motors in a thrust-tube configuration, offering the most direct relationship between input power and output force for direct, lightning-fast control by high-capability servo drives with a variety of fieldbus options. Thomson and Exlar’s more traditional integrated servo-screw actuators bear high and higher loads, respectively. For even higher loads, Kyntronics servo-hydraulic actuators can provide up to 170,000 pounds of force.



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With different mechanical types, specific designs, and materials, each manufacturer we feature offers advantages within the spectrum of gearing.

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Among gearboxes offered for both in-line and right-angle use, planetary gearing is the most common. Cycloidal gearing is highly robust, and strain wave harmonic gearing provides high reduction in a physically small package suitable for end-of-arm tooling for robotics. Worm gearing and spiral bevel gears are different forms of right-angle gearing. Stober gearboxes extend into the highest torque range, and Gam makes many additional related components like couplings and rack-and-pinion systems. Micron sells specialized products like the AquaTrue stainless gearbox co-engineered for the AKMH stainless motor.

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Mechanical Solutions

G&G can provide further mechanical solutions suited to your needs. This could mean specialized tooling, frame construction, or bellows and covering.