Linear Rotary Motors

  • Electromagnetic direct drives in tubular form
  • Motion is produced purely electrically and wear-free
  • Stainless Steel and ATEX versions are available

Linear Servo Motors

  • Two independent motions with only one component
  • Linear-rotary motors can be used to perform complex tasks, such as threading in, closure, transferring, stacking, with a single component
  • New PR02 motor series is characterized by a new design wherein the motors and additional components are integrated in a slim housing


  • Provides precise control of our linear motors, from simple applications with two end positions, to complex, high-precision, multi-axis applications 
  • Simple control system integration with a wide variety of fieldbus interfaces, including: EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet, Profinet, Profibus, Sercos III, EtherNet Powerlink, LinUDP, CANopen, and RS485/RS232

Servo Drives

  • Magnetic “spring” provides constant force over the entire stroke
  • Purely passive, requiring neither electrical power nor compressed air
  • Fail safe functionality and weight compensation