Servo & Stepper Systems

Precise positioning technologies are diverse, offering a field of different advantages. Our relationships with a variety of manufacturers allow us to provide the advantages most-suited to your needs.

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Three-phase servo technology allows smooth and dynamic operation with considerable torque, even at high speeds. Servo drives commutate power into permanent magnet servo motors, monitoring feedback loops directly from the motor. Some servo motors, like Kollmorgen’s, can come in useful form factors, including direct-drive configurations that limit system compliance losses, or torque-dense types packing power in a small size. Stepper motors, on the other hand, command significant torque and good positional accuracy at lower to medium speeds. Schneider (IMS) and Nanotec distinguish themselves with DC-supplied high-pole stepper motors which, with directly-integrated encoders and controllers, can achieve high accuracy without the need for a separate drive.


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