Centryco Bellows are available in a wide variety of construction, sizes, and fabrics to accommodate your application. Our Sewn construction (BS) is utilized for our general-purpose bellows to protect moving rods, shafts, screws, or other linear mechanisms from dust to weld spatter.

Century Covers

Telescopic spring covers (Centry Covers) made of 1095 polished blue carbon steel provide long life and maximum protection of your rods, shafts, and screws from chips and other destructive elements. An equally important use is as a safety barrier to seal off pinch points and other hazards to prevent operator injury.

Linear Way Covers

Protect linear rails and bearings with Centryco fully welded or Dual Guard covers. Available in standard or high temperature materials. Using your rail model, manufacturer, travel and height restriction, call or e-mail us for immediate pricing and availability.

  • Fits Most OEM Bearing Carriages
  • Available in Standard Duty, Spark-Resistant,and “Walk-On” Construction
  • Easy to Install (attach/re-attach covers)
  • Stock Sizes Available