G&G Technical Services

G&G has the capability to be a one-stop solution for your motion requirements.


G&G Technical is not a typical distributor. We are a value-add distribution company that prides itself on our extensive experience and knowledge of the products we offer. We are ready and eager to help our customers integrate our products into their motion control applications. We offer both component sales and turnkey solutions for everything we offer.  We specialize in integrating “off-the-shelf” equipment for custom automation systems of all sizes.

Have an application in mind? Give us a call or send us an email to discuss your needs.  

Sizing & Selection

Our personnel are quite capable of sizing the elements required to drive a system, and we also use programs to model and confirm your setup. We can easily modify these files to react quickly if your specifications change. Our knowledge also equips us to advise you on ways to incorporate new technologies into your systems for better performance.

Motion, PLC & HMI Programming

G&G has vast experience in controller programming. Our engineers are fluent in most programming languages such as ladder, structured text, function block and others commonly used by PLC manufactures. We also work in C, Visual Basic, and other compiled PC programming languages.

Custom Panel Building

G&G offers complete UL 508A panel design, assembly, and testing at our panel shop. Our staff of mechanical and electrical engineers and technicians ensure sound design, documentation, and implementation of all control solutions. Systems undergo a rigorous check-out review including continuity and full power diagnostics along with system verification.

Custom Circuit Boards

G&G designs and builds custom printed circuit boards. From prototype to production, we can meet your PCB needs.

Custom Engineering

Our mechanical and electrical engineering teams utilize leading edge technologies to help you attain the optimal operational efficiencies of your process control system. In the material handling industry, for example, we have co-designed rugged and reliable conveying systems for unique applications. Our ability to integrate off-the-shelf components with customized equipment and control systems sets us apart from the competition.

Trio MC206X / P136 Upgrade Solutions

Trio’s popular MC206 is no longer available. It can be replaced by Trio’s new MC403 or MC405 depending on axis count and I/O requirements. G&G Technical has assisted in retrofitting many existing MC206 machines with the new Trio Units. We can advise which unit is most economical for your application and can assist with programming changes that are required. In many cases we can preload the new controller with a revised version of your program that will be ready to run your machine. We also can provide onsite assistance if required.

Enerdoor Testing Service

If you are pursuing CE certification or you suspect that your facility may be experiencing problematic levels of electromagnetic interference (EMI), we can provide flat rate on-site CE and power quality testing through the experts at Enerdoor. G&G knows the impact electrical noise has in producing intermittent drive faults. These issues can sometimes be solved by identifying and addressing installation issues or replacing improperly shielded cables.

Pizzato Safety Training

If you are involved in machine design or plant safety, feel free to contact your G&G Sales Engineer to schedule a machine safety seminar. Seminars are typically conducted at your facility and can include breakfast or lunch. Learn about the benefits of proper machine guarding and reduce your company’s exposure to liability. Seminars are free of charge, and we will even feed you!