Motion Controllers & PLC

Whether control means a motion coordinator or a programmable logic controller (PLC), G&G offers both types.

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Trio motion controllers use the EtherCAT fieldbus, an ethernet motion protocol, to deterministically control multiple axes of motion (servo drives, etc.) in simultaneous, coordinated motion with high precision. They can send step and direction or pulse and direction to stepper drives, and they have digital and analog I/O. The FlexSlice system adds capability slice-by-slice as your system requires. The Kollmorgen controller solutions include the IEC 61131-3 programming languages (ladder, function block, structured text, etc.), PLC Open, and the graphical development environment Pipe Network. Delta PLCs are more traditional logic controllers with integrated motion control functionality. In some applications, HMI screens can act like PLCs for a system.


Trio Motion




Advanced Motion Controls (AMC)