Automation Platform / Motion System

Automation Suite (KAS)

  • Software Solutions
    • PLC Open Motion Programming
    • Pipe Network Visual Programming
    • IEC 61131-3 PLC Automation Programming
    • Visualization Builder HMI Programming
  • Hardware Solutions
    • PCMM Standalone Multi-Axis Master
    • AKD PDMM Drive Based Multi-Axis Master
    • EtherCAT and Profibus I/O Modules
    • AKI2G HMI Panels
    • KSM Safety Solutions (PLC and I/O)

Servo and Stepper Drives

Servo Drives

  • AKD2G Servo Drives
    • 1 and 2 Axis Drives
    • Single Cable Power & Feedback Cable
    • EtherCAT and CANopen Motion Control
    • Dual Channel STO
    • Extensive Safety Functions
  • AKD Servo Drives
    • PDMM Drive with Resident Multi-Axis Controller
    • T Option BASIC Programmable 1.5 Axis Drives
    • P Option Position Indexing/Motion Tasking Drives
    • B Option Base Drives
    • EtherCAT, CANopen, Ethernet/IP, Profinet
    • MODBUS communication
    • Extensive Feedback Options
  • AKD-N Servo Drives
    • Decentralized Servo Drives
    • IP67 Machine Mountable Drives
    • Singe Cable for Power, EtherCAT, STO
    • S700, S300, and S200 Servo Drives

Stepper Drives

  • P5000 and 6400 Value DC Input Drives, Step & Direction
  • P6000 Full Featured AC Input Drives
  • P7000 Full Featured AC and DC Input Drives
  • Intelligent Indexing / Motion Tasks

Servo and Stepper Motors

Servo Motors

  • AKM2G High Performance Servo Motors
  • AKM Servo Motors with Extensive Feedback Options
  • AKMH Stainless Steel IP69K Servo Motors
  • VLM Servo Motors
  • Goldline Explosion Proof and Submersible Servo Motors
  • EKM Ruggedized MilSpec Servo Motors

Direct Drive Linear and Rotary Servo Motors

  • KBM Frameless Motors, Embedded into the Machine
  • TBM High Torque Frameless Motors
  • RBE Frameless Motors
  • Cartridge DDR Rotary Direct Drive Motors
    • Housed Motor with Feedback
    • No Bearings, Uses Machines Bearings
  • Housed D & DH Rotary Direct Drive Motors
    • Housed Motor with Feedback
    • Heavy Duty Bearing for High Torque Direct Drive
  • Direct Drive Linear

Stepper Motors

  • POWERMAX M & P Step Motors (Enhanced & Standard)
  • POWERPACK K and N Step Motors (Enhanced & Standard)
  • E and H Round Frame Step Motors (Enhanced and Standard)
  • PMX Series Stepper Motors
  • CT, T2, T, KM, and M172 High Torque Step Motors
  • MX Hazardous Duty Step Motors

Washdown Food Grade Motors

Explosion Proof Motors


ST/SN, KS, SS & Hazardous Duty AC Synchronous Motors

PMDC and EP (Explosion Proof) Permanent Magnet Brush DC Motors

Custom Motor Solutions