Gear Reducers

With helical, hypoid, planetary, and spiral bevel gear technology, GAM has a gearbox that will suit your application. We offer in-line or right angle, off the shelf or custom in a wide array of configurations and frame sizes.

Robotic Gear Reducers

Precision products for robotics applications including zero-backlash planetary, strain wave (harmonic), and cycloidal gear reducers, and precision rack and pinion.

Rack & Pinion Systems

GAM Helical Rack and Pinion Series match to GAM Gearboxes for a complete linear solution.

Servo Couplings

Whether bellows, elastomer, safety, or distance, GAM has a coupling that will meet your requirements. All of our couplings are zero backlash and custom machined per order.

Linear Mount Products

Mounting a motor or gear reducer to a linear actuator / belt module / ball screw can be a time consuming headache. GAM Linear Mount Products are engineered solutions to help ease this pain.