Brushless DC Motor

BLDC motors are highly efficient and cover a wide speed range. Nanotec offers internal and external rotor motors as well as slotless motors with very quiet running properties.

Stepper Motors

Nanotec stepper motors are available in many sizes with or without gearbox, brake or encoder. Stepper motors are especially suitable for applications that require high torque and low speed.

Smart Servos – Motors with Integrated Controller

Motors with controller provide precise position, velocity and torque control. They are fully programmable and can be controlled via fieldbus, clock-direction or analog input

Motor Controllers – BLDC and Stepper

Nanotec offers a new generation of intelligent, fully programmable servo drives with a wide power range and various fieldbus options. 


Nanotec offers wheel drives with fieldbus interface as well as a development and evaluation platform for prototyping automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

Linear Actuators

Nanotec offers linear actuators in three versions: captive, non-captive and external. They can be ordered with trapezoidal or ACME thread.