Copley Controls

Servo & Stepper Drives

  • AC Powered
  • DC Powered
  • Single & Multi-Axis Drives
  • Network and Standalone Drives
  • EtherCAT and CANopen Communications
  • Programmable, Analog, Stepper Control
  • Micro & Macro Panel Mount Drives
  • Multiple Feedback Options
  • Safe Torque Off (STO) Drives

Ruggedized Servo and Stepper Drives

  • Designed to Endure Temperature Extremes, High Humidity, Vibration, and Shock
  • For Use in Military, Nautical, Aviation, Oil Refining, and Vehicle Systems
  • CANopen, Analog, PWM, Stepper Control
  • Panel Mount and Module Drives

Module Drives

  • Pin Versions of the Panel Drives
  • Designed to be Mounted on PCB’s and Motors
  • Designed to be Mounted in Robotic Joints
  • Same Offering as the Standard Drives