Productive Robotics

OB7 7-Axis Cobot

  • Instant Integration (World’s Easiest To Use Cobot)
  • No Programming
  • 7-Axis Versatility
  • ISO 102018 Safety Compliant, No barriers or fencing required
  • Infinite Applications
  • Increases Production Output – Works 24/7
  • Fast Return on Investment
  • Developed and Manufactured in America

OB7 Models

  • OB7: 11 lbs/5 kg Payload & 39 inch/1000 mm Reach
  • OB7-Max 12: 26 lbs/12 kg Payload & 51 inch/1300 mm Reach
  • OB7-Max 8: 17 lbs/8 kg Payload & 67 inch/1700 mm Reach

OB Vision

  • OB Vision is Productive Robotics’ commonsense and automatic approach to robot vision. Building on our “No Programming” approach to robot training, Productive Robotics’ OB Vision brings “No Programming” to robot vision.
  • OB Vision is completely integrated into the OB7 learning system and is available for all OB7, and OB7 Max robots.

OB7 Applications

CNC Machine Tending

CNC Machine Tending


Machine Tending


Work Assistant