HMS Anybus

Embedded Solutions

Anybus® CompactCom™ is ready-made to immediately get your devices connected to any Fieldbus or Industrial Ethernet network. Anybus CompactCom offers multi-network connectivity with a single development project, limiting your development efforts to an absolute minimum. Once the Anybus concept is implemented, it is easy to migrate to another network, re-using your development efforts.

Gateway Solutions

Anybus® gateways offer quick and easy network integration by acting as translators between industrial networks, machines and devices. Solve network connectivity problems on the factory floor. Ready made solutions – CONNECT – CONFIGURE – DONE!

Wireless Solutions

Anybus® wireless solutions provide industrial-grade wireless connectivity for infrastructure, machines and devices over Bluetooth and WLAN.

Anybus Wireless Bolt

Add easy and robust industrial wireless to your industrial cabinets or machines using Anybus Wireless Bolt. The Wireless Bolt is an All in one solution device that’s both flexible and mobile. Plug it in and bring your own device, either via Bluetooth or Wireless LAN (WLAN).