Industrial Circular Connectors & Cables

Min Series – MIN size I,II, & III, and MIN Power Distribution

Micro Series – Micro DC (MDC) A-Coded, Euro AC (MEC) B-Coded, Micro AC (MAC) C-Coded, M8 NAN

Network Series – Ethernet (M12 D-Coded & RJ45), DeviceNet, Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus and Profinet

Mil-Spec 5015 Equivalent Series

M16, M23, and M27 Series

Industrial Networking & Communications Solutions

Entry Level Switches – Unmanaged Entry Level & Unmanaged Gigabit

Serial Devices Servers – Entry Level, Wireless/Cellular, Advanced, Industrial, and Railway Specific

Harsh Environment Switches – Unmanaged, Managed (Layer 2 & 3), Switch Core Platforms (Layer 2 & 3) and Switch Modules

Secure Routers – Industrial Wireless AP

Industry Specific Ethernet Switches – IEC 61850-3 Managed Gigabit, EN50155 Railway Unmanaged, EN50155 Managed

Media Converters

Protocol Gateways – Wireless/Cellular, Advanced, and Industrial

Modbus Gateways – Entry Level, Wireless/Cellular, Advanced, and Industrial

Modbus Concentrators – Advanced and Industrial

ILME Rectangular Connectors

Build Your Own

Rectangular Connector Kits

Pre-Wired Rectangular Receptacles

Panel Interface Connectors

Standard Housings

Low Profile Housings

Port Adapters

C13 Locking Connectors

DIN Rail Modules

Mencom offers a broad range of DIN Rail mount modules providing a wiring transition, which includes: D-Sub Interface Modules, Ribbon Cable Connector Modules, Ethernet Interface Modules, and Terminal Block Modules

Junction Blocks

Industrial junction blocks in a variety of port counts and connector sizes, including M8, M12, ½” and 7/8” port threads.

Solenoid Valve Connectors

Industrial Solenoid Valve Connectors in Form A, B, and C.

Cable Glands

High quality cable glands in a variety of NPT, PG, and Metric threads.