JSmart family of Smart HMI Devices

An Industrial HMI product that seems like it came from the consumer world of smartphones, tablets, and PC’s, and yet a robust industrial grade product that will last for many years.

Key Features

  • 5.0” to 21.5” TFT color display,
  • Resolution to 1920×1080 pixel with 16M colors, dimmable backlight
  • PCAP Touchscreen Multitouch with swiping and zooming
  • 10/100 Ethernet port PoE single cable for power and ethernet
  • Wi-Fi Connection
  • Up to an ARM Cortex-A9 quad core CPU
  • Full IP67 protection; ideal for mounting-arm installation right at the machine
  • Mounts on 22 mm hole
  • Includes environment and motion sensors

Can be used with cable up to 100 m distance from source

eX700 Series: Revolutionary IIoT Controller

eX700 series is a state of the art product and IIoT compatible. A true all-in-one solution:

  • Powerful HMI with multi-touch operation and brilliant high resolution display
  • PLC with CODESYS V3, can function as a Master through major protocols
  • Browser with industry standard web engine & state of the art Chromium browser
  • Gateway with up to 3 Ethernet networks, OPC UA pun/sub server & client, with TSN connectivity and multiple protocols

Key Features

  • IIoT capabilities and Industry 4.0 Compatible
  • OS Linux RT
  • JMobile – the software that powers the X Platform
  • CODESYS V3 with Ethernet I/O Stacks
  • Multitouch and Gesturing
  • Up to 2.100.000 Pixels Display
  • Wide Angle Visibility
  • Beautiful 16,000,000 Colors
  • Resistant to Scratches, UV and Chemicals
  • Total Glass Design
  • Network Separation possible via Up to 3 Ethernet
  • Networks with different IP addresses
  • Plug in Modules for System Expansion
  • IECEx, ATEX, DNV-GL, cULus, cULus Haz. Loc., RCM

eSMART: Budget Class HMI

Low cost does not have to mean low quality or performance. The eSMART series is the most elegant and feature rich HMI in it’s class.

Key Features

  • JMobile programmable
  • Browser Programming Widget
  • Chromium Web Browser
  • OS Linux RT
  • HW and FW Optimised for Extremely Fast Operation
  • Supports HTML5 and JS
  • Resistive Touchscreen
  • Powerful CPU
  • High Memory Resources
  • Extended voltage range 10-32 Vdc
  • OPC UA Server and Client
  • Vast Library of Protocols
  • Extremely Robust Design

eXware Series

The eXware represents a prudent first step into the implementation of IIoT and Industry 4.0 compatibility. Acting as the central element in IIoT landscape the eXware can communicate between automation devices, cloud, fog and applications. Through use as a gateway, a powerful HMI, a PLCwith CODESYS V3 or a secure router, the eXware facilitates data intensive and complex IIoT applications to be enabled.


Key Features

  • Plug and Forget integration into existing infrastructure
  • Device data flow easily configured
  • JMobile protocols and gateway functions
  • JM4web HTML5 interface for web HMI
  • CODESYS V3: supports network stacks and local I/O expandability
  • Direct OPC UA communications
  • Corvina Cloud secure remote connectivity
  • Plug-in module for system expansion
  • 2 Ethernet ports for physical separation of the OT and IT networks
  • Rugged and Beautiful all metal design
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • System settings by web browser
  • Trusted and secure Linux-based operating system
  • Secure HTTPS/TLS encrypted data transmissions
  • Mobile Communication via PLCM09 2G/3G modem
  • Support for Geo-Localization*
  • IoT data distribution via MQTT

JMobile Software

Communication across multi-vendor, multi-protocol and multi-device environments and then sending this data to local or cloud storage is a requirement for manufacturing efficiency. JMobile suite of software offers this with unmatched level of user experience based on nearly 50 years of Industrial automation experience.

In just one easily learned software suite, JMobile completely covers the connectivity from edge to cloud, device management, process management and data visualization essential for the all the edge to cloud levels in any Industrial IoT platform architecture.

Corvina Cloud – Connectivity Management

Corvina Cloud 1.0 is an advanced connectivity management solution that puts you in control of your IIoT business. 


  • Leading seamlessly from the JMCloud offering, Corvina Cloud 1.0 is powerfully robust, highly scalable and offers advanced VPN capabilities.
  • The user interface is incredibly clean and easy to use.
  • Web-based it allows all your remote devices, networks and users to are able to communicate securely.
  • Corvina Cloud increases Industry 4.0 implementation by completing the IIoT whole product solution of the X Platform.