Accu Tech USA


Accu-Tech offers a variety of actuators to meet your application including: Ball Screw, Belt Drive, Precision and Rod Style, Linear Motor, Rod Style Electric Cylinders and Medical Actuators. Designed to be rugged, durable, and easy to maintain, our complete product line features an affordable solution for any application. Available in a wide range of stroke lengths, speeds and customizable options.


Accu Tech USA’s collaborative robots (CoBots), from TechMan Robot, feature simple programming, innovative integrated vision capabilities and the latest safety features to enable rapid deployment in a variety of applications. With the vision functionality completely integrated with the collaborative robot platform and our easy-to-use interface, it’s simple to program and achieve a visual pick and place within minutes. If you need an easy to operate CoBot that can be rapidly deployed with minimal maintenance, contact us today.

Linear Guides

Accu Tech USA delivers reliable, high precision linear guides. Made from high quality steel alloys and featuring corrosion resistant platings, our low maintenance linear guides provides improved reliability and productivity while minimizing maintenance costs. As an added benefit, our interchangeable design allows for slides and rails ordered separately to make sets as required to enable flexibility and maximize your investment.

Ball Screws

Accu Tech USA’s ball screws, made of high-grade alloy steel, easily transmit rotary motion into linear motion providing superior rigidity and long durability. With the ability to provide custom machining per print, reverse engineering services and custom lubrication options, our experienced team of sales staff and engineers will work with you to select the right ball screw for the application.